New Releases

blog-penny-plaid.jpgblog-01-the-waldorg.jpgblog-miko.jpg  A few new releases this week to coincide with some really exciting things that have happened for Fuse. The girls over at FACES organised a fantastic event for me which I am so grateful for, ty so much Aradia, Gillian and Carissa for all your hardwork and a all round big *hug*. And finally Ana Lutetia (as pictured above) has not only been another great supporter of mine but also has created fantastic POSES which are available at my main store and also can be found at MG Fashion Factory, Stellar Isle and On-Rez. So we don’t have any excuses for looking bad in pictures anymore 🙂  


~ by fuseupdates on January 12, 2008.

4 Responses to “New Releases”

  1. […] can see the new releases Jonathan designed especially for our show here. Better yet, visit Fuse […]

  2. awww…. hugs!

  3. It was great working with you, I can honestly say you put a lot of HARD work and love into all your pieces. Thanks for allowing us the honor of featuring your new pretties and havin a look into the man behind those amazing creations. Huge hugs from my end and a big sloppy kissie on the cheekiedoodle ;P

  4. Beautiful, especially the last dress 🙂

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